Recording, mixing & mastering, Rocketship Taxi productions are based out of Rollingstock Recording Rooms Collingwood.  Most of our artists have worked with producer Lilith Lane, local Melbourne musician and engineer with years of experience and specialist in vocal production.  Email us for advice on how to approach your next recording project.  We have a pool of engineers and producers in our community to find the right person for you to work with. 


Recent releases:

Bouclette single- 'She Dreams of Flying'-  Produce, Mix- Lilith Lane.

Undercover Crops single 'Live to the Lees'Produce, Record, Mix- Lilith Lane.

Baxter Avalon single- 'Luna Park' Produce, Record, Mix- Lilith Lane.


We can find session musos, and assist with songwriting, arranging, and composition for your projects.